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What is your favorite Loren movie? Have you ever met him? What should he do next?
Here's what his fans think:

From in Suzanne in Colorado:
As with many of Loren's fans, I first noticed him in Mumford. I spent half the movie trying to remember where I had seen him before, and even looking for his name as the credits were rolling didn't jog my memory. Since then, I have had the privilege of seeing a number of his movies, but not because I was specifically seeking out projects he had worked on. A number of these films, such as Gattaca, Starstruck, and Billy Bathgate, were recommended to me by friends, and it was only as I was standing in line at the video store did I realize, "Oh my stars, Loren Dean is in this movie too"! He does have a knack for keeping a low profile!
I have been extremely impressed by Loren's talent and presence as an actor, as well as his personal integrity. I am currently working on a second undergraduate degree in Theatre, and I am quickly discovering that actors can indeed be every bit as self-centered, over-reactive, and shallow as the stereotype suggests! How encouraging it was to discover that there are indeed performers, such as Loren, who act because they desire to speak the truth, and not because they have a bizarre need to be the center of the universe!

From Tina in Chicago:
I saw him in lots of stuff without knowing I saw him, which, in my book, is the mark of a wonderful actor. Then I rented Billy Bathgate just because it got so so reviews and I thought is was very well done and thought he was just as adorable as hell and had the accent down to science. Then I made it a point to see everything I could find him in...including Starstruck which turned out to be a surprising pleasure. I didn't expect to like Enemy of the State either but was pretty immersed (I am a Barry Pepper fan as well). Of course, Mumford is the deal, he is in almost every scene and what fan could ask for more.
The wonderful thing about Loren is that one doesn't find him plastered on the cover of the National Enquirer at the checkout stand - apparently he prefers to be spotted in the movies and playing piano at clubs instead of at the Hollywood parties. I would love to see him play piano at a club. He seems to have a substantial passion for music which makes him all the more attractive. I look forward to "War Bride" but am wondering when it will finally be released in the States.

From Rob Clemenz in New Orleans:
I first became interested in Loren Dean after seeing the movie "Mumford" because I was very impressed with his acting and also his ability to work with an ensemble of great actors and not try to steal a scene or over act. Then I saw a few of his other films and it was obvious he was someone special. A few months ago I travelled to my old stomping ground, Los Angeles and while on the plane my friend Rick asked me what "star" I hoped to see. We always seem to run into one or two and this time I just said that the only person I wanted to catch a glimpse of was Loren Dean. I never dreamed it was about to happen! We caught this band "Tom's House' that played at the Crooked Bar and the House of Blues and then we went out to the clubs once their gigs were done. One place we went to was the Standard on Sunset Boulevard. It was pretty fun - lots of people out having a good time. We decided to leave as it was getting late and were waiting for the valet to bring up our rental car. My friend Rick looked at this dude ahead of us and said "Who is that guy - I know I know him from somewhere." I looked over and my eyes popped out of my head. It was Loren Dean! My friends had no clue. I ran up to him and probably scared him half to death. But I remember saying "Are you Loren?" and he said "yeah" and I said "Oh my God you're 'Mumford' and jabberjawed about how much "I loved the movie" and how I thought "he was a terrific actor and stuff." His car pulled up and he shook my hand and said "Thanks." Then our car came up and we drove down San Vincente or Doheny side by side. I'd say what kind of car he was driving but that would not be cool. Since then I have remained a huge fan and I got the press kit and publicity slides from "Mumford" - Oh, and a "Mumford' tee that was probably from the cast wrap party and a Loren Dean keychain viewer which is way cool. I guess I'm collecting all things Loren Dean or all things "Mumford" or both.
I've met lots of stars including a Best Actor Oscar winner and hung out with a bunch of big musicians but my chance encounter with Loren was my best ever. I find him to be very charismatic and from what I've read it appears he is a real thinker. I like that. I would love to spend some time with him or see him on stage or hear him play the piano. But if none of those things happen I'll just be happy that I met the only actor I wanted to meet. It was a great night. As Skip Skipperton would say, "Far Out"!

From Phil Cine:
The first time I saw LD was in Gattaca. I really enjoyed the movie for its subtle plot and its special atmosphere. I was totally fascinated by Uma Thurman, (she's so gorgeous) but somebody else picked up my attention, it was LD. I thought ęThat guy has some kind of magnetism, heíll be a star one dayĽ. (Usually this feeling occurs to me with female actresses only!!!) I saw the film on TV a few months later and I focused my attention on LD, the magic worked once again . I havenít seen all of Lorenís films but heís great in ęEnd of violenceĽ. I was disappointed by his performance in ęSpace cowboysĽ.. (I imagine he has to pay his bills like everybody else). He deserves much better parts according to me (Mumford is no available in France, I havenít seen the movie yet).
Iím not interested in Lorenís private life at all (Iím too old for that), Iím just puzzled by this actor who doesn't want to become a star and makes films from time to time, nearly "reluctantly" but with such a great deal of talent .

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